200th flower!

That’s right today marks my 200th flower! I am very proud of myself for making it this far on a project and not giving up. I started this project back in November of last year when I found out I was losing my job. This year long project has kept me going through my unemployment and has kept me active. It has taught me to think outside box and experience new creative forms. My boyfriend Zak has been so supportive throughout this project and has participated in some of them with me. Also you, the readers, have kept me going even if you don’t post comments I know people are reading my blog and that also keeps me going with this project. I have had so much fun thinking of ways to make flowers.



  1. Ange Said:

    Congratulations on 200.
    What are you doing with this one? Did you adhere a magnet to the back or something?

  2. Thank You!
    I haven’t done anything with it yet. All I have done was glue it together, but a magnet is a pretty good idea! 🙂

  3. Noah Said:


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