Interesting uses for flowers

Today’s flower of the day is an interesting one. It is 7 ways you can use flowers that most people don’t think about.

1. A prank: if there is someone you are not fond of then you could sen them a flower called a Corpse Flower. The flower itself is an unsightly one, but worst of all when the flower blooms it makes the room smell like rotting flesh.

2. A subtle message: throughout history flowers have always been a way to get a message across. In the 60’s flower children handed out flowers to protest the Vietnam War and show peace. Roses are given to significant others to say “I love you.” Another one I the yellow carnation which signifies rejection with your better half. So the next time you give a flower to someone be careful because you could send the wrong message.

3. A drug: that is right there are some flowers that can be used to make drugs. Like most known flower the poppy flower, which is used to make opium. You can also take the sap from the poppy flower and refine it to make heroin. This type of poppy flower is illegal to cultivate in the United States. Another one is the Salvia flower, which is used in certain regions of Mexico for ritual purposes, however, in the 90’s it became big because people used it as a hallucinogen. This flower is legal to cultivate in certain states. (PLEASE NOTE THAT BOTH O THESE DRUGS ARE ILLEGAL AND I AM NOT SUGGESTING YOU TEY AND MAKE THEM).

4. A medicine: this one is for those of you who are inclined to seek alternative medicine before just popping pills. There are many flowers out there that are used as medicines to help heal certain problems. Like the flower Yarrow, which is used for treating wounds. Arnica is a good tropical flower used for treating pain. The Nightcap flower is frat for making tea, which helps people to sleep. ( PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU CHOOSE TO USE ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES LIKE THESE YOU NEED TO DO RESEARCH BEFORE EXPERIMENTING).

5. Clothing: Yep, you got it. Flowers can be used to make clothing, for instance, the Stinging Nettle flower. This flower has been explored as a more Eco-friendly alternative to cotton. This cane about in the First World War when there was a cotton shortage. The German army used this flower to make their uniform. This flower is not widely used because it is harder to cultivate than cotton is.

6. Wildlife repellent: have you ever had deer or rodents come and destory your flowers beds or garden? Well here are sone flowers that are said to keep wildlife at bay! Alum, snow crocus, marigolds, and kaiser’s crown flowers are said to repell squirrels. Ageratum, Purple cornflower, Snowdrop, and Lobelia flowers are good choices to keep rabbits away. The Passion flower is said to keep deer away. ( PLEASE NOTE THESE AREN’T ALWAYS FOOL PROOF).

7. Last but not least another use for flowers is food. That is right you can actually eat these lovely gifts from Mother Nature. So if you are ever in a restaurant and you get a salad garnished with roses or pansies don’t pick around them! Give them a taste, you may find out that you like them. Another good one you cam eat is squash blossoms. (AGAIN PKEASE DO RESEARCH ON WHICH FLOWRS ARE OKAY TO EAT).


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