Year long project and flowers

It has been a few days since I have ended my year long project. This project was fun and exhilarating. Doing this year long project taught me that once I start something I should always see it through. Makes me more determined and attentive to projects or ideas that I have started.

Although, I have finished this project I still find myself looking for ways to make a flower and it also taught me to appreciate them even more than I did before. I never thought that I could commit myself to something like a year long project, much less committing myself to making one particular thing everyday and not get tired of that thing.

Doing such a project made me look at art, projects, flowers, and crafts in a whole new way. It taught me that the most ordinary objects can be turned into something it isn’t. The 365 Journal that I used throughout this whole project also opened me up to looking at ordinary things as art or supplies for art. This also pushed me to pick up a skill or two that I had never tried before and try it out.

I have ventured into wood burning, knitting, quilling, and many other art forms. It is never too late to pick up a new skill and excel at it. I am still going to continue to make flowers and post them here on this site. So please keep following for the Flower Aftermath.


Thank you to everyone who took this flower journey with me.



  1. Susan Said:

    Congratulations by finishing your 365 days project !
    I just found you via and love your flowers and your creativity, definitely when I have more time at hand and also when I have a lack of inspiration will come back to explore all the projects you have done.
    I just started my 365 days project at I’m going to be creative in all kinds of ways, going to push myself to think outside of the box and learn new skills or to make those things I always wanted.
    Or at those days when there isn’t that much time or when I’m on the way or on holiday, I will make it easy for myself and make a picture, make a litlle drawing or just colour…whatever I feel like doing.
    Today it’s day 15, still don’t have a plan what I’m going to do today, so much stuff what needs to be done at home, but I will make some time :D.
    Looking forward to more flowers.
    Many creative greetz from the Netherlands from Susan

    • Thank you very much:) I will have to check out your year long project. At the start of the New Year, I plan on doin another year long project. I had a lot of fun making the flowers.


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