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Flower headband

Although my year long flower project has ended, my flower making crafts haven’t. This was a headband I made the other day that I added flowers too.


Sand Dollar flower

Today is my last flower! and they have these cool sand dollar stepping stones with a picture on them that resemble a flower. I do want to thank everyone who followed my blog for the whole year and I do hope you enjoyed my flowers. I will be keeping this blog active so please come back and check in on my flower making.


Roses for my memom and pop pop


Flower pendant

So this pendant is supposed to be a flower.


Snow globe flower

I have this doodle app on my iPhone and it had a snow globe picture where I could draw in. I decided to use it and make a flower in it.


Perler bead pattern

I made a perler bead pattern of a flower. If you follow the pegs you should be able to make a rose.


holiday wreaths

Here is a pretty flower on my holiday wreaths.



Plastic bag flower

This flower was made out of plastic bags. I cut the bag I to strips an crocheted the flower from the strips.


Star flower

I was again crocheting and trying my Han at making up my own flowers and this is what I came up with.

I call it a star flower because it looks like a star, however, it is a flower.


Clover flower

We buy clovers every year for St. Patrick’s Day and outs always last for a long time. Well I was outside today and looked at our clovers and saw that two of them grew together and made a flower.



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